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S1 Ep 1
3 mins


Lammy and his friends PupPup and Bobsie learn how to catch a ball with the help of Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Lamb and a very catchy tune!

S1 Ep 2
3 mins

Counting Lambs

There’s a sleepover at Lammy’s house and Daddy Lamb isn’t having much luck getting the little ones to sleep. Cue Mommy Lamb who sings a bedtime lullaby all about counting lambs. Soon Lammy, PupPup and Bobsie are sound asleep alongside a snoring Daddy Lamb!

S1 Ep 3
3 mins

Let’s Dance!

PupPup is teaching Lammy and Bobsie how to dance, but Lammy can’t quite get the moves down and trips over. With the encouragement of his friends and some super Daddy dancing Lammy soon finds the confidence to hit the dance floor!